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Research consists of all things additive, subtractive, and current manufacturing, as well as guiding and assisting in building out the Client’s Manufacturing 2.0 Platform. This also can include, but is not limited to, current AM technology, upcoming technology, material libraries, software, hardware, primary and secondary processes, automation, workflow, equipment, support, current manufacturing, and subtractive manufacturing. Our team has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of all aspects of 3D Printing including but not limited to: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), SLA (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), MSLS (Metal Selective Laser Sintering) and DLP (Digital Light Processing).

Manufacturing Analysis :

Additive manufacturing analyses of the Client’s current product lines, manufacturing methods, and future product lines will be conducted. These studies will take an in-depth look at the cost to manufacture using AM/subtractive methods or a combination of AM and traditional manufacturing methods focusing on time, cost, labor, volume, and supply chain.

Design for Additive Manufacturing :

For both preexisting parts and future projects, we will design/redesign for Additive using the desired end manufacturing process as a base for the design optimizations and criteria.

CAD Design Training :

We will provide training and support for design for additive CAD to assist the team of designers for the Client’s additive platform. Ideal candidates would have experience designing in CAD, but AM knowledge is not required.

Operations :

We will guide the Client with setup and development of print farms and additive manufacturing build outs. Once operational, we will continue to add support to aid in a lean manufacturing approach and workflow optimization.

Secondary Processing :

We will help guide and assist the Client in their secondary processing to determine the best manufacturing method.

Automation :

Some printing technologies allow little oversight to operate and can be programmed to run autonomously. Feasibility studies can be conducted on different technologies, applications, and other criteria. We also can aid with implementation and operations.

Printer Optimization :

Conducting tests and studies to determine optimal part orientation, print settings, build plate layout, etc., as well as stream- lining the design process to minimize the overall steps that are needed to produce functional parts.

Secondary Processing :

We will help guide and assist the Client in their secondary processing to determine the best manufacturing method.

Purchasing Assistance :

By researching all the equipment that is available for additive manufacturing, we will be able to narrow down the number of correct machines that will work with the Client. In that narrowing down, we can request samples and testing materials, and confirm the capabilities available before purchases are made. As experts in this field, we have the purchasing power/know-how to negotiate purchases on behalf of the Client, which would include the machine, setup, training and more. Once the purchase is completed, we can assist with creating processes, policy procedures, and manuals for manufacturing parts on your machines. We also can demonstrate how to make custom materials and how to analyze the correct method of additive manufacturing that is required.

Headhunting / Hiring :

The Consultant advises the Client of the following services, which also are available and can be discussed in more detail at the Client’s request. Ultimate 3D Printing Store is available to support your Human Resources (“HR”) department in finding, soliciting and interviewing acceptable candidates within the Additive Manufacturing industry. This service can be provided as a partial and/or full addendum to this consulting agreement. U3DPS can provide assistance on an as-needed basis, wherein the Client would be responsible for spearheading the search and subsequent interviews, or U3DPS can handle all aspects of this process for the Client, including drafting search language and/or candidate criteria, soliciting application submissions, managing interview times, locations and questions and recommending a tiered list of applicants to be considered for hiring.

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